Travelling Tips For Single Parents

Travelling can be very tiring, but the fun and adventure is definitely worth the hassle. The experience of culture and breath taking scenery will be the best vitamin to cure the blues you’ve suffered from your everyday city life. Travel is a therapy too, providing the best solace and a touch calmness.

But travelling with kids is another story, which does not only adds the hassle, but brings in a whole new adventure of parenthood. Plus, if you’re a single parent, things could go very messy if not sorted and planned beforehand.

Here’s few tips for single parents next time you’re travelling with the kids.

1. Plan Ahead


People say, if you fail to plan, then you’ll plan to fail. In a way, this is very true. For a trip with kids and you as the only parent, planning is a crucial step that requires a handful of information and strategies.

Get as much information about the place you’re going, including the language, weather, best hotel locations and where to have your lunch and dinner. From there, an itinerary can be outlined so that you’ll have a better insight of what you’re going to do and where to go. Not to forget, it is important to have a contingency plan as well, in case something unfortunate happen, and make sure the kids are well taught of it.

2. Pack Light and Practical


Packing is another crucial part of travelling. Make sure the clothes you pack is suitable with the weather and the days of your trip. Make a survey from a weather forecast website and from there, try packing the most suitable apparel for both, you and the kids. Since you need to pack adequately and avoid over packing, try to arrange your luggage according to your itinerary.

3. Prepare A Budget Plan


Going too low on the budget would not allow you to enjoy the trip so much, but going over the budget would eventually makes you suffer after getting back from the trip. Hence, it is important to have a budget plan and spend according to what has been plan.

Do an online research, and read travel blogs to indicate how much shall be spend. Some travel blogger provide their expense summary too, which will provide adequate information on the budget side.

4. Use strollers or baby carriers


If you’re going with a toddler, consider to use strollers or baby carriers during the trip for an ease journey, especially at the airport or elsewhere that requires a lot of walking. If you opt to use a stroller, make sure it is a cabin friendly one which is portable, light and compact.

5. Coloring Books and Handy Toys For Quick Distractions


Distractions, especially during boring hours of waiting is important, to have your kids occupied and not to cause any unnecessary drama. Prepare coloring books or handy toys for quick distractions while waiting for the boarding or during the long hours of flight. This way, the kids will be occupied and you’ll have your peace of mind.

6. Snacks


Kids are hungry at the most unexpected time, and to cater their tummy needs, you’ll need to prepare some snacks. A pack of biscuits, sliced fruits, buns and a bottle of juice could be a life saver during the crucial times when your kids suddenly get hungry. You can buy them before the trip and packed them in your luggage or if you’re packing very minimal, you can opt to buy snacks during your trip, at the very beginning of each day.

7. Photograph your children


Make sure you keep a latest photo of your kids whether it is in your phone or in your wallet. This comes in handy when your kids are gone missing. It is important to remember the color of clothes your kids are wearing for each particular days too. This will make it easier to describe your kids.

8. Travel Medical Kit and Essential Medications


Like the part of getting hungry out of nowhere, children tend to get sick out of nowhere too. And it would be a great deal if you need to see the physician during a trip, plus the language barrier could be a real trouble. Hence, it is important to bring a travel medical kit and some essential medications for fever, cough and flu.

However, if the medical symptoms and conditions worsen, it is advisable to seek for professional assistance and go to the hospital.

9. Travel Insurance


You’ll never know when the unfortunate would happen, hence you’ll need to be prepared. Travel insurance provide comprehensive protections for the whole family during a trip, including in flight coverage. This comes in handy when something bad happened and would require you to refer to a hospital.

Look up for travel insurance, and don’t forget to go through the coverage first before buying one.

10. Children Friendly Hotels


Last but not least, some hotels don’t comprehend so good with children, hence you’ll need to find a children friendly hotel. Upon booking your accommodation, always look for a place that is children friendly and suits your needs and demand. Read online reviews about the place before making any booking confirmation, as you’ll need as much information as possible to make the decision on where to stay.

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