Seven Classic Date Ideas To Try For A First Date

We got pretty far from the old days of dating as people are now doing Netflix & Chill. Its more comfortable and easy, plus very cheap too.

But these classic date ideas can never go wrong. The romance of such date are so intense and it kick some good sparks as well. So the next time you’re considering to invite your partner for a Netflix & Chill at your place, you can try asking them to go out for a real date instead.

Here’s some line up of classic date ideas you can try with your partner.

1. Picnic At The Park


Who does picnic these days anyway? And where to go for a picnic at the park in Klang Valley?

There’s actually quite a number of parks you can go for a picnic like the Cyberjaya Lake Garden, Perdana Botanical Garden and KLCC Park.

A picnic would be great for couples to spend time and talk to each other, in a romantic way. You’ll just need cook or instead you can buy food, bring a large picnic blanket, some drinks and you’re ready to go. Nothing much to prepare but the date and the memories are going to be one super precious.

2. A Walk On The Beach


There’s no beach in Klang Valley, so if you want to do this you’ll need to drive out from the city. The nearest would be Port Dickson which would take one hour drive from KL.

A walk on the beach allows couple to relax in a breath taking scenery while enjoying each others company. It would be better if you chooce to stroll during the sunset, as the sky is slowly turning dark and this adds romance to the whole picture.

3. Movies


Very classic and still everyone’s favorite date idea, a movie is one of the best way to spend time together for couples. A movie date is always followed by a quick dinner or a cup of coffee at a nearby place. The couple can talk about their favorite scenes and share opinions from the movie. This date idea is more interesting if both have interest in films and movies, nevertheless if you’re not into films, catching up the latest one in the cinema would be a great escape and allows you to chill and relax.

4. Ice Skating

Photo: Wikimedia

Another classic and now possible to be done in Klang Valley, despite the fact that we don’t have winter over here, there’s a lot of ice skating place in the city that you can try going for a date. Even if you haven’t try ice skating before, and can’t really skate properly, it would be fun and cute to try them together and fall on each other.

Sunway Pyramid and the IOI City Mall are malls that have ice skating rinks, usually open everyday. Bring your date and experience a romantic and wonderful experience of ice skating and don’t just fell on each other, make sure you two fell in love for each other too.

5. Cooking & Eating Together


Couple that cooks together stays forever. This date idea is the best way to bring couples closer to each other. Cooking together allows you to work in a team and see each other’s chemistry together. Plan what to cook and go grocery shopping together. The process of preparing dinner together from scratch is so fun and assured to be one of the best memory you two would keep forever.

You can be creative and set the table to be as romantic as a five star dining. Use candles, dimly lit lighting’s and room scents to add the romance and have cupids all over the place ready to shot the two of you and be struck in love instantly.

6. Concert


A concert would be another great way to spend time together. Either it is a classical instrument concert, or a party music type, a concert allows couple to be more outgoing and spontaneous. The environment is more relax and fill with enjoyable music, although some concert can be a bit too loud and uncomfortable. Choose concerts with music genre that interest both of you, so that everyone can have a good time and really enjoying the moment.

7. Bowling


Another fun game to try for a date, bowling is great for couples to spend some enjoyable time together. A game of bowling reveals the competitive part of each other and allows your partner to be more outgoing.

You can try a lot of amazing bowling places around the city, and some are offering special theme like a K-Pop night, which is guaranteed to be exciting and interesting. And don’t take the game seriously, nevertheless it is just a game. Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment.

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