10 Things To Do To Find Your Life Partner Offline

Since the internet and online dating are taking over the whole dating process, we are actually kind of screwed when it comes to finding someone new offline. We don’t talk to strangers anymore because it is kind of scary and prefer to find someone over dating apps which provides better convenience and very much practical too.

But online dating is not always that smooth and there are many scary strangers online too. Plus everyone can be anyone they wish to be when they are online, so scams and fraud are pretty much unavoidable. Its hard to find someone real and sometimes, we are not real when we go into the dating apps ourselves too.

So back to the old days where the life partner is someone we met while strolling at the park or bumped into at the library, we need to make this a thing again. So for a start, the young generation would actually need full guidance on what to do, who to approach and what to say. Not only this would actually avoid people from getting scam via online dating apps, but the whole “How Do You Meet Your Partner” story would definitely be more interesting and romantic.

Ditch your devices, log out from that dating app and here’s what you need to do to find your one and only life partner you’ve been looking for all this while.

1. Do What You’ve Always Want To Do 

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They say, when you really want to try something and none of your friends are going to do it with you, then go alone and who knows, you’ll find someone that shares the same interest as you. Let say you’ve always wanted to hike or try bungee jumping, then go alone and fate might surprise you with someone that has the exact interest like you. Sharing the same hobby with your partner allows you to spend time together more often and added in the topics to talk to each other. So the next time something pops out in your mind and no one want to go and do it with you, then just do it alone.

2. Smile & Talk More Often

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Appear more friendly everywhere you go, even when you’re hanging out alone at the coffee shop. This will make you look more approachable and allows people to actually talk to you. Make yourself outgoing too by talking to strangers more often, like complimenting that lady you meet while waiting in line at the grocery store  or saying hi to someone you met everyday at the coffee shop near your office.

Being friendly and outgoing is the way to meet new people that is outside your circle of friends and people stopped doing it since the internet invasion. Make a change and say “Good Morning” to a stranger, and who knows that stranger is your true love.

3. Hangout With New People 

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If you constantly hangout with the same people everyday, and your circle of friends isn’t growing, you can try hanging out with new people to actually meet someone new. Ask your friends to bring their colleagues during the next session of hang out, and you can bring along other people too, like another friend or your cousins. Enlarging the circle of friends  is fun and you’ll realize that there are a bunch of wonderful and amazing  people that you actually like to spend time with.

4. Say Something & Participate In Conversations

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During hangout or joining party and gatherings, don’t be that shy one and refuse to talk to others. Be bold and start conversation with people you like. You can try making jokes, sharing funny stories or tell something about yourself that you find interesting. People will start noticing acknowledge your presence, and from there you can actually make a lot of new friends.

5. Don’t Play With Your Phone 

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Don’t make yourself look so occupied and busy with your phone everywhere you go. By being so focus on your phone, you’re actually chasing people out and making a big statement of “Do Not Disturb”. So the next time you’re hanging out with your friends or even alone, whenever you’re attending a party or gathering, keep that phone in your pocket and start talking to real people.

6. Go To Parties & Gatherings More Often

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Don’t be an anti-social and refuse every invitation you received. Parties and gatherings are amazing place to meet new people. Be it a birthday party, a get together for your friend’s parents anniversary or your office annual gathering, just be there and enjoy the food and the people. Always remember to talk more often, smile more often and keep the phone in the pocket at all times.

7. Join Local Events 

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Be it a marathon or a cultural local events, you shall go out and join!

Its not only just fun but you’ll find so many new faces you didn’t realize they actually lives near you. Some fun events happening in KL every year like the Slide The City or The Color Run is just where you need to hit to make new friends and find a life partner. These events are usually during the weekends and take place in the Klang Valley. Make use of your weekends and meet new people!

8. Volunteer For Charity Programs 

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Apart from having fun, there are various of charity and non-profitable programs happening in Klang Valley that invites people to volunteer. From volunteering to be an event crew for a sports day or to participate the soup kitchen and feed the homeless, these programs allows you to contribute back to the community and be the good citizen. Plus, you’ll get to know lots of new people too.

9. Travel Alone & Try New Things 

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Travelling alone allows you to discover new things, not just in the places you go, but within yourself too. Another new things you may discover along the way are the amazing and beautiful souls you are going to meet. Travel is truly an eye opener and if you feel stuck with your daily routine, go travel.

Don’t limit yourself whenever you travel. Always make yourself open to new challenges, try out new food, participate in cultural classes and events. By doing so, you’ll meet solo travelers like yourself, and the locals too.

10. Bindup 

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The platform for you to meet new people, Bindup is the way to go if you’re looking for someone to settle down in a relationship with. This is not an online dating platform, as it applies the concept of meet and match. So there’s no swiping to the left and right, Bindup is a platform that focuses on matching you with potential future partners via various of events. The events are tailored to different types of hobbies and interest like photography, dance, and travel.

So instead of actually finding events you can go to meet random new people, you can sign up to events by Bindup, and everyone you’ll meet are assured to be individuals seeking their soul mate or life partner, just like you.

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