8 Best Dating Apps in Malaysia To Find You A Life Partner

People are not doing it like the old days anymore. We don’t say “Hi!” to a stranger and the next thing, you’re getting coffee at a nearby cafe and tells each other cute fascinating stories and fall in love. No, such things rarely happen these days, because people grew paranoid, and assume that anyone approaching them directly in public could actually be a serial killer. So to make things easier in getting a life partner, the human race invented Online Dating.

Skip the very long and shy introduction about yourself because now you can put them in your profile details and whoever interested could just read them out. Not so classic and romantic but super duper practical. With the innovation of smart phones, the online dating get its gear up too with evolving into Online Dating Apps which you can download from the Play Store. So many of them are available, narrowing their segments into different demographic sections like specifically for straight people, gays, and Muslims only dating apps.

So if you’re just wondering, what is the best dating apps in Malaysia, here’s the line up of top eight awesome dating apps we have found for you!

1. Tinder

Photo: Tinder.com

Tinder is an international dating app widely being used around the globe, with actual people actually getting married with their Tinder match. The love at the first swipe is becoming a thing now, that people are turning to Tinder to find their life partner.

The app works by connecting its users with possible match from the opposite gender in the radius of 2 kilometers to 162 kilometers. You’ll see a lot of possible match with a profile picture, age and sometimes the school or company they work. If you’re interested, you’ll need to swipe right, and if not, swipe left. If both are swiping right at the same time, meaning that both are interested in each other, then its a match! The tricky part is that you’re only allowed to chat with your match, so its takes faith and fate to have the person you really like according to the profile picture, to like you back and actually starting a conversation.

Since it is so popular around the globe, it is widely being used in Malaysia too. You can even find people that you know on Tinder, which is super duper awkward, so if this happens, just swipe left!

2. Grindr

Photo: Grindr.com

Specifically for the gays, surprisingly Grindr is actually being widely used in Malaysia. The app works by listing out other users near you, let you choose whoever you’re interested and you can instantly start a conversation. Very convenient and practical, this Grindr app let people meet their partner and has been providing the best gay dating match around the globe with over 4 million users in 192 countries.

This app is free for a 7-day trial mode, and you’ll need to pay for subscription afterwards. Despite getting criticism and controversial comments ever since its launching, Grindr is still going great in being a gay and bisexual dating app, not only in the US, but all over the world including Malaysia.

3. Badoo

Photo: Badoo.com

Badoo is another dating app that uses the swipe left and right features to find your match. You’ll be able to see who likes you, and random people can chat you after they swipe right on you.

The interesting part is that this app takes a serious action on fake accounts issue and would not allow you to upload someone else’s photo to be your profile picture. This measures assures that everyone on this app is actually themselves and there’s no scam or anything going on.

This app may noy be as popular as Tinder, but the features and safety measures are quite good, while it allows you to interact and connect to different people and interesting match around you.

4. Okcupid

Photo: www.okcupid.com

Okcupid is a dating app that also adopts the swiping left and right features, but screen your candidate list thoroughly beforehand. Upon start up, you’ll need to answer a set of questions about your preferences in a partner, and from there the app would come out with a list of candidates thay you might be looking for. From there you can start swiping left to pass or right if you’re interested.

The app allows its users to put very detail information about themselves like whether they smoke or not, preferences on having kids, alcohol and drug consumption, the language they talk and the characteristics they are looking for in a partner. The details actually help you find the one you’re looking for especially if you have a set of standard in a partner.

The set back is that the app does not allow to view who likes you, unless you subscribe to the premium version. Apart from that, Okcupid is one of the best dating app due to its amazing features.

5. Tantan

Photo: Google Play

This one is the China version of Tinder, since the East need to have everything the West have. The apps practically works like Tinder, with the same features and functions as well as its interface.

Swipe right if you like, and left of you don’t, Tantan app gain its popularity in Malaysia too. There’s a wide selection of users and getting a match is not impossible. But it is not as famous as Tinder, so there’s a slim chance of finding people that you know, and perhaps those people that turns to Tantan for a dating app are the ones that don’t favor the mainstream.

Although it is not widely being used in Malaysia or other parts of the world, Tantan is the top dating app in China that has a net worth of 600 million dollars, with over 90 million users worldwide.

What more interesting is that this app takes serious on its security measures and disallowed fake accounts. If you put an anonymous or a mysterious profile picture that does not reveal your face, the app will detect instantly and would direct you to change the picture. You can also connect to your contacts via Tantan, meaning that if you’ve the phone number of your crush but too shy to text first, Tantan can be the platform to kick start the conversation.

6. Muslima

Photo: www.muslima.com

A dating app specifically for the Muslims, this app match you with your Habibi from all over the world.

It works by listing out possible match available, and you can choose to have the candidates be listed according to countries and age range. Most of its users are from the middle eastern, but there quite a number of Malaysian using this app too.

Forget about the hassle of screening your match, the people you’ll find here is assured to be Muslims, and guaranteed you’ll mother would approve.

7. WeChat

Photo: Google Play

An app that comes with so many dating match features, WeChat that is so popular in China and being widely used in Malaysia too.

There’s an option to “shake” that allows you to connect to random people from all around the globe just by shaking your phone. Or the “look around” feature that scans other WeChat users around you and connects you to anyone you favor.

You’re also able to add your friends on WeChat as well as connecting to your contacts. The app allow its users to update their status, upload pictures and enables video calls too. One app that does it all, WeChat is the way to go to connect and meet new people!

8. Beetalk

Photo: Google Play

Few years back this app gain some popularity through its epic and romantic TV commercial. In the commercial, Beetalk is introduced as the app that connects you to your crush, when you’re to shy or didn’t stand a chance to say “hellol.

Over the time, Beetalk is still available in Malaysia offering free messaging and calls, look around and shake features as well as fun stickers that allows communication to be done in a different way.

The app is very similar to WeChat, which allows you to meet random strangers around you. But you can also connect to your phone contacts and add your current friends to chat using the fun and cute stickers.

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