Five Tips For A Smooth, Silky And Manageable Hair

Obtain a beautiful volume in your hair and unleash your true beauty with a healthy and smooth looking hair. Like what people always say, the hair is the crown to a lady, and so it has to look perfect.

We are always being told to shampoo and condition our hair in order to make it beautiful, but do you know the hair care routine is more than that?

A silky soft and beautiful hair is not just care regime on the outside. Learn these few simple yet useful tips and tricks for a smooth, silky and manageable hair!

1. Eat Healthily


Many don’t see that the importance of healthy eating can actually impact the health and radiance of your skin and hair. A malnourished and imbalanced diet will often lead to hairfall and hairloss, which is one of the biggest hair problem affecting adults.

Practice a healthy and balance diet and make sure you consume the right portion from all the classes of food in order for your body to operate and function properly. As such, your hair will grow healthily too, and this will result in a smooth and manageable hair.

2. Wash and Shampoo


Another important step in taking care your hair is to frequently wash and shampoo your hair. But remember not to wash them to often as it will dry them out and eventually causing damage.

If your hair does not easily get oily, washing them once in two days shall be okay. But if you have an oily prone hair, you can try to wash them on the alternate days. Follow with hair conditioner for better and smoother hair result.

Choose a shampoo that suits the problems of your hair, and always look for online reviews before considering on trying a certain shampoo brand.

3. Serum, Oils and Tonic


People always see the washing and conditioning to be so important that this step is always forgotten. Applying serum, oil or tonic to the hair and scalp is as much important as washing, as it will provide the hair and scalp all the needed vitamins and nutrients.

Hair serums are useful to the hair when you’re styling them. It works by protecting the hair from heat, humidity and helps in giving a shining and fuller effect too.

On the other hand, hair oils and tonic is a treatment tool, that provides nourishment and conditions the hair. Oil are more suitable to dry hair type due to its thick texture while tonic is an ideal choice for the oily hair type and can be apply to the scalp for refreshing sensation.

4. Home Made Hair Treatment


Hair mask or regular hair treatment is another way to obtain a healthy looking hair. A good and nourishing hair treatment is not necessarily expensive, because you can do it yourself at home.

Use natural ingredients like honey, oatmeal, lemon or yogurt, which are assured to be 100% chemical free. Google some hair mask recipes online and start your own home hair treatment. The natural ingredients possesses strong healing powers that helps to cure damaged hair and making them shiny and silky.

5. Avoid Excessive Heat and Chemical Products


Hair styling will expose the hair to chemicals and heat, which is definitely not good for them. Excessive heat will make them dry and causing frizzy hair.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water and using high temperature styling tool like the curler and straightener. Try looking for hair styling tools that comes with cold blowing function, so that your hair won’t be dry and damaged post styling. It is important not to use so much chemicals like the hair spray and always remember to apply serum on the hair before styling for damage protection.

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