Five Things You Need To Do To Fight Acne

Increase your skin’s vitality and unleash its true beauty! Achieve a flawless facial skin and be confident like never before. Like it is always being said, beauty and confident goes side by side, as with beauty one can be more confident.

Acne and other skin conditions can be the number one problem to most women, preventing them from having a flawless skin. There’s so many beauty tips being past down to one another to bring out the best in your facial skin, but which one works the best for your skin?

Although each of us have different types of skin, the general rules to obtain the flawlessness is still the same. Here’s five things you need to do to clear out those acne and obtain a perfect looking facial skin!

1. Cleansing


An important part of the beauty regime, cleansing your face the right way helps in replenishing your skin and instantly removes all the excess sebum, dirt and makeups.

Identify the different types and functions of facial cleanser available; which suits your skin best. For acne prone type of skin, it is recommended to use Cleansing Oil or Oil Based Facial Cleanser. Reason being that oil cleanser are more effective in removing oil based impurities and clears the excess sebum.

Add a cleansing facial brush to the routine for an optimize and thorough cleaning. Remember to clean your face right and feel super rejuvenated afterwards!

2. Moisturize


Acne prone and oily skin is like a never ending combination. And to combat the oily skin, people often ditch moisturizer, with the reason that it makes the skin oilier. But do you know that this is completely UNTRUE??!!

Yes, ditching the moisturizer will make your facial skin oilier as the skin are producing more oil to self moisturize itself. It is important to keep the skin hydrated, in order for it to function well.

If normal moisturizer are too oily, find a product that has a water or gel based moisturizer, which provides better hydration and able to penetrate quick and deep into the skin. Choose products that is formulated to nourish and revitalize the skin for a silky smooth result.

3. Clean Diet & Hydration


Eating habits effect the internal function of our body and if things are not good in the inside, symptoms like Acne may appear on the outside. Hence it is important to consume healthy and nutritious food while avoiding food that has high sodium, preservatives and artificial flavoring.

Another important aspect is to keep yourself hydrated and consuming the adequate amount of liquid. An average 2.5 liters to 3.0 liters per day need to be completed in order for the body to function well.

Eat clean, drink water and see the Acne clears!

4.  Facial Treatment 


Many find it unnecessary, but a facial treatment helps to regenerate and revitalize the skin, providing all the right nutrients and vitamins for it to fight Acne. Plus a good facial treatment would involve the extraction process, which will cleanse your facial skin from any impurities, black and white heads.

The facial treatment is not necessarily expensive and need to be done in the spa only, but you can also do a DIY facial treatment at home. Google for DIY facial treatment recipe’s that suits your skin the best and start your own beauty experiment.

5. Supplements 


The best supplement works like magic in combating acne. Many feels it is totally unnecessary, but the right supplement provides the best vitamins and minerals that your body needs to fight inflammation and acne.

Vitamin C would be one out of many that works like a miracle to combat acne and the scars that follows. Before starting to consume any type of supplement, remember to consult with a physician and discuss the best selection to suit your body needs.

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