Five Items You Need To Have To Embark On A Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Be healthy is the way to go!

Embarking on a brand new healthy lifestyle is not like stepping in a new world and be a completely new person. Although there’s many do’s and don’ts to follow and limitations, but life shall presume like it use to be.

There’s only addition to the things you do and changes in the things you eat. As simple as that, keeping yourself in the healthy lifestyle journey and be consistent to keep fit and lose weight is a real struggle.

If you just embark on this journey and don’t know where to start, here’s five items you need to have for a smooth healthy journey!

1. Smartwatch/Fitness Watch


A smartwatch or a fitness watch is an innovation that do not only makes your life easier, but keeps your fitness progress in check too.  Available in the market produced by so many different smart phones and tech brands, this watch can be used to track your daily steps, the kilometers you’ve walk or run, calories burned as well as the heart beat.

All the details recorded are usually connected to an app in your smartphone, and weekly and monthly progress can be generated. This way you can keep yourself motivated by seeing your progress and strategize your diet and workouts to meet your goals.

Wear it and carry it everywhere you go, this watch keeps you company not only during your workout session, but throughout your day.

2. Water Bottles


It is important to keep yourself hydrated in order to be healthy. An average of 2.5 liters to 3 liters daily is compulsory to keep yourself well hydrated and increase your body’s ability to function properly.

To achieve the goals of drinking enough water, you need a water bottle! The bottle helps you keep your daily water consumption on track, and you can always see how much water you’ve drank for the day.

Make sure the bottle have liter measurement indicators so that you can track the exact amount your water intake. Usually water bottles came in either one liter or two liters capacity, so you can choose whichever that suits your convenience.

3. Yoga Mat


A yoga mat is not only for yoga, but can be use them for different types of home workouts. When you first embark on a healthy lifestyle journey, it is important to start small on your workouts too.

You can try light home workouts to train the abdominal and hip muscles as well as strengthening the overall body muscles. And these simple workout steps can be done all by yourself at home.

Download workout guide apps on your smartphones or simply learn the steps via YouTube. Simple and easy, these home workouts can help you shed some weights too!

4. Running Shoes


On top of strengthening the muscles, another effective way to keep fit and shed some weight is by doing cardio exercise. The best way to start doing cardio is to actually do brisk walking. Don’t start running immediately as your body is not used to it, and you’ll eventually get out of breath and end up doing less exercise. Brisk walk for half an hour per day  shall be enough to help you keep fit.

But do you know that in order for you to brisk walk, jog or run, you’ll need a pair of good quality sport shoe? Don’t simply use a jenky pair of shoe as it may effect your body in terms of the posture, and cause sore feet.

A good quality running shoe is not necessarily expensive. Choose a pair of sport shoe that suits your needs and budget.

5. Weighing Scale Machine


Keep track of your progress is essential to keep yourself motivated and helps you to set the next goal to achieve. And that is why a weighing scale is another essential item you need in order to embark on a healthy lifestyle journey.

The best time to weight yourself is after waking up in the morning, and do not weight yourself so often. It is also important to remember that keeping track does not only means losing weight, but there’s so many other  achievements like losing inches and able to fit a smaller size of clothes.

Nevertheless, a good loss weight progress is a positive result of the whole healthy lifestyle and shows how much you’ve achieve.



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