Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Are you in a toxic relationship? But first, what is a toxic relationship?

According to, toxic relationship is a kind of relationship consisting of two person with very obvious contradicting personality that became totally opposite. It is toxic in a way that a person may find it hard to involve in the relationship and the vibe became unhealthy for both in the relationship. Unable to participate in a relationship that you’re actually in is a sign that you’re in a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship has bad communication problem along with persistent conflicts and inability to set boundaries between each other.

It is important to identify whether you’re in a toxic relationship and find a way out if you really are in one. Here’s seven signs of a toxic relationship!

1. Lack Of Trust


The key to a strong and happy relationship is trust. Nothing can work if you don’t trust each other. Persistent doubt in your partner is not a good sign and shows that there is a lack of trust in the relationship.

If either you or your partner keep on questioning on small unimportant things and the questioning would lead to a never ending argument, then it is completely unhealthy. A paranoid partner is always irritating, plus if the whole thing is enhance with anger and physical abuse, an exit from the relationship is what you need.

2. Lack Of Communication


Another sign of a toxic relationship is lack of communication. Lack of communication can be deemed as failure to express what you want and need from your partner or the disagreement you have towards things happening in the relationship.

If you somehow keep yourself shut and your opinion silence due to whatever reasons, then you’re definitely in a toxic relationship. You might have difficulties in talking to your partner because you’re afraid they’ll get mad and angry or that the things you express would be ignored.

Communication is the key, not only to a successful romantic relationship, but to almost every human relationship. Expressing each other is an important aspect in a relationship and failure to do so is not a good sign.

3. Negative Vibes


Constant negative vibes from a relationship will eventually drive both of you insane!

Negativity is not healthy and too much of negativity will lead to other mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Identify the negative vibes you received from the relationship and how often it happened. If it happens too often and the negativity drives you crazy by day, its an alarming sign of a toxic relationship.

Negativity can be in so many forms and sometimes you would not even realize it happening. Things like reactions towards something or the words your partner says that is demotivating can be the negative things happening to you everyday. Feeling of being less appreciated and loved are linked to negativity too, and if you constantly feel so, the relationship is definitely not healthy.

4. Persistent Conflicts 


Conflicts and arguments are completely normal in a relationship, but too much is not. If you and your partner constantly argue and fight over everything, even the smallest unnecessary thing, then it is definitely a sign of a toxic relationship.

Persistent conflicts and arguments may effect your mental health and gives you a negative impact in a long term. Plus, if the argument has one dominant side that gets to win every time, the relationship will be completely unhealthy for both of you.

If there are constant arguments and conflicts, try solving it in the most rational way. Remember, arguments are only healthy when it is building and strengthening the relationship, not when it drives the relationship apart. Fight only to make the relationship stronger, not to hurt each other.

5. Excessive Jealousy 


A little bit of jealousy is cute, too much is definitely irritating. A possessive attitude might drive your partner crazy and cause so much irritation towards not only the mental well being’s, but to their everyday life as well.

If your partner keep questioning your trustworthy and can’t trust you enough to let you live your life like you normally do, then the toxic alarm should be ringing.

A jealous partner could be doing anything that seems to be normal to them, but is not normal to the rest of the world. They could be stalking your social media accounts and interrogating not only you, but your colleagues and friends too. The impact is not only embarrassment but it affects your whole life as the interference is really at maximum.

6. Demotivating Criticism


If your partner always have something bad to talk about or keep on criticizing your life, appearance and decisions, maybe a toxic relationship is what you’re actually in.

Persistent negativity and demotivating comments could effect your self esteem and confident level, up to you can’t believe and trust yourself anymore. It would give a big impact to yourself if you let your partner consistently demotivate you.

Identify the difference between a negative and positive comment, and a motivating and demotivating criticism. The partner that always disseminate such negativity always think they’re better than the other. Save yourself and don’t let people and even your partner tell you that you’re less.

7. Excessive Control Over Another 


If you’re always the timid one in the relationship, and constantly feel frightened towards your partner, then you can consider the whole relationship again as it is obviously toxic.

Excessive control that a partner have over another is not healthy and clearly misleading the whole concept of a relationship. In a healthy relationship, you shall never feel frightened or afraid with your partner. It is  a mental torture and could lead to a long term effect towards the well being of your mental health.

Your partner could be doing anything that shows excessive control over you. Not allowing you to befriend with other people, constantly checking on you and requesting to have access over your social media accounts are some example. Remember, it is important not to let anyone have control over your life!

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