Breakups And Moving On; Five Things You Need To Do

Recently broke up with your partner and moving on seems so impossible? Well good news is you’ll get over your ex eventually, and as cliche as everyone would say it, time will heal everything.

But during this hard times, all you need to do is to pick yourself up and seriously focus on moving on. A break up is not the end of the world. Try looking at the bright side, maybe the break up is actually what you need. Maybe the relationship had been toxic and unhealthy for both of you that an exit is what both needed. And ending means a new beginning, and you need to start everything new.

Its okay if you don’t know where to start. Moving on is a gentle process that needs to be done slowly. Here’s five things you need to do that may help you pick yourself up and move on.

1. Cut Contacts 


Do not stay in touch with your ex! Do not text back, return their calls or even go stalking them on the social media. The past is past and you need to start a new life here.

Staying in touch with your ex makes the moving on a lot difficult. It is important to keep distance from ex, so that you can focus on yourself and put the shattered pieces of your heart back together.

It is not necessary to block your ex from Whatsapp and other social media platforms, but if the ex keeps bugging your life with unnecessary communication that makes you miss your ex so much, then blocking them is the way to go.

2. Forgive And Make Peace


Even though you need to keep a good distance away from your ex, you also need to forgive and make peace with what had happened. Holding grudges and keeping anger in yourself won’t help you move on.

Forgive your ex for whatever mistakes they’ve made and try to focus on what you’ve done wrong too. Make a self-evaluation on the whole thing and make peace with what had happened between you and your ex, so that you don’t hold any anger within yourself.

With a soul that is at peace and free from any anger and grudges, you’ll be more relaxed and find rationality in the whole situation. It allows you to think right and to make wiser decision towards moving on and starting a new life without the ex.

3. Love Yourself First


Since you’ve recently lost your love partner and the whole relationship you’ve put so much love ends, its the time to put love in yourself. Learn to love yourself first.

Self love is so important in moving on. We often forget that it is ourselves that we need to love first before anyone else. The times we took loving another person is always the time we neglect ourselves.

Pamper yourself right. Feed yourself with the best, nutritious and healthiest food. Treat yourself with a trip to the spa, or a holiday to your dream destination. Take care of your self more, sleep early, do more exercise and most importantly put yourself first.

4. Keep Yourself Occupied 


Distract your mind from thinking about either your ex or the good memories you share together. And the most effective way to do so is to keep yourself occupied with activities and work.

It is important that you need to think less about your ex, and stop reminiscing the memories. It makes moving on a lot harder and you’ll find yourself sad again.

Keep yourself occupied with healthy activities like a hobby or make yourself busy with work. It helps in getting your mind working and stop thinking about the ex. Definitely and effective way to get your ex out of your head!

5. Meet New People 


Going out and meet people is another effective way to move on. Don’t burn the bridges and isolate yourself from the rest of the world. It is important to have connections with other people so that you won’t feel alone.

Go out more often and keep yourself friendly so that you’ll meet a lot of new people. Hang out with your friends, go out during the weekends and try out different new things like joining a party.

And who knew, from just hanging out together, a new spark may kick in and you’ll find love. But don’t jump into new relationship when you’re not ready. Meet new people and make new friends and if things are okay for you, then you can seek for love too.

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