Keep Fit And Lose Weight Tips For The Busy Working People

Keeping fit is an important part of life. Obtaining a fit body and an ideal weight can lead to a healthy and quality life that benefits no one else but yourself. A great healthy lifestyle is the key in achieving a fit body and an ideal weight, but to embark on a healthy lifestyle journey can be a bit tricky. Many claim that they are too busy to be living healthily and the work load they have is the main constraint that does not allow them to achieve neither a fit body nor an ideal weight.

But you can’t live with excuses!

Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re as busy as the President of The United States, the healthy lifestyle is what you need to take up in order to live a great life. So even if you’re leading a super busy life, a healthy you is still possible.

Here are some tips you can follow to keep fit and lose weight despite the busy everyday schedule.

1. Early morning workout


Start you day early! But in order for you to start early, always remember to sleep early too and make sure you have at least seven hours of sleep daily. Enough rest will allow your body to recover and ready to kick in some exercise early in the morning before anything starts.

You can choose to do some light exercise like Yoga and Pilates or opted for cardio like running, jogging or cycling. Half an hour to one hour shall be enough, and you can start preparing to go to work afterwards. The magical benefits of an early morning workout is that you are really energetic not just throughout the workout session, but throughout the day as well. Your body will be stronger and you’ll realize you have a good amount of energy that helps you to get by the day without feeling sluggish and tired.

2.  Meal Prep 


Another part of a healthy lifestyle apart from exercising is the healthy food. But obtaining healthy food can be hard and some are sold at a super expensive price. To eat healthy and get by a busy day, you can do Meal Prep!

Meal Prepping is actually preparing the meal for let say, an entire week, beforehand. The meal are placed in a food container and kept in the refrigerator to make sure it is still fresh when ready to be eaten. The meal need to be heated in a microwave before eating, and you can do this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Choose an easy but healthy menu for the meal prep and you can eat healthy food wherever you go, despite the busy working schedule. It helps to save up time too, as you don’t have to waste time to go out and buy food anymore.

3. Drink enough water


People say hydration is the hey. Well that is absolutely true! Keeping yourself hydrated will makes yourself energetic and less sleepy and sluggish. Plus, enough water daily will help to cut cravings and makes you feel fuller, another important benefit of water that is essential in keeping the weight in check.

An interesting theory of how much water to drink daily is that you shall drink based on your body weight. For every one kilogram of your body weight, you should drink 0.033 liters of water. Meaning that if you weight 60 kilograms, you need to drink approximately two liters of water daily.

Make sure you keep in track of how much water you’ve drank for they day. This can be done by using a water bottle that has unit measurement, so you can always ensure you drink enough water everyday.

4. Increase your steps


If you’re too busy for a workout session daily, you can increase the steps you take daily in order to keep fit. Try walking everywhere you go and avoid using the elevator and escalator. Many suggest to take between 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day in order to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Use a pedometer or a smartwatch to keep track of how many steps you’ve taken for the day. Some smart phone comes with a pedometer and a health apps that tracks the steps you took daily. Remember, a thousand step is not enough, make it ten thousand!

5. Cut the sugar 


Another important thing that you need to do is to cut the sugar! Yes, sugar!

Sugar is harmful to your body, and you’ve consumed enough sugar indirectly from the meals you eat, so an extra sweet drink is not necessary in your daily diet. Cutting the sugar from your diet will result in a healthy you, and also helps you lose weight faster.

Avoid taking anything sweet. From the tempting chocolate cake to a cup of Caramel Macchiato  from Starbucks, you need to cut it all out. Anything that tastes sweet need to be avoided at all costs. A cheat is allowed once in a while, but don’t cheat everyday.

6. Count the calories 


To ease the whole healthy lifestyle journey and help you lose weight, counting the calories is the way to go. Take only the allowed amount of calories per day, and you’ll realize losing weight is so much easy than you think.

The amount of calories to take daily depends on the gender, lifestyle and other factors like metabolism rate and levels of physical activity too. According to the guideline by the NHS.UK, an average man needs 10,500kJ / 2,500kcal  per day while an average woman needs 8,400kJ / 2,000kcal a day. But this is not necessarily the amount of calories you need to take, you can check the amount of calories your body need daily by using a calorie calculator available online.

7. Keep track of your progress 


On top of all the things you’ve done to keep yourself healthy and fit, make sure you’ve your progress in track, so that you can assess how far you’ve go. Track how much weight you’ve lost and how many inches you’ve shed.

Use the same weighing scale and measurement tape to keep track of your progress in order to have a uniform measurement. The progress can be recorded in a note book or you can use an apps available in the smart device. Make sure data recorded are within a stipulated time like weekly or monthly, so that a significant changes can be observed.

Avoid weighing and measuring yourself daily, as there’s no obvious changes that can be observed. Plus our weight can fluctuate and change daily, either it reduce or increase, so weighing yourself daily does not show an accurate progress. It can be demotivating too, as you can’t see any progress.

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