Ten Original Date Ideas That Are Not Dinner and a Movie

So, let’s talk about dates. What do you do when you’re getting to know someone new and want to find out more about each other? Commonly, dating couples go for dinner dates or catch a movie together. But how much can you know about a person when you just sit and talk, or worse, sit and don’t talk in the cinema?

How about trying out some new activities which may help you uncover more about the person you’re dating? At the very least, you will enjoy a day out doing something fun and different for a change. You may even discover some hidden personality quirks you may not have noticed before!

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1. Craft Date

With the number of art and craft studios mushrooming all over town, why not book a craft workshop to attend together? Select your activity of choice from watercolour painting or silkscreen printing to woodworking or leather wallet making. Choose something easy so that you can still chat and work together during the workshop.

2. Train Date

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This activity is not just fun, but also cheap. Hop onto the LRT or MRT train route to explore different places around town. Choose a weekend so that the train is not packed and you can get a seat together. Eat good food, take nice photos, visit cool places and have an interesting day out.

3. Exercise Date

Your date could just turn out to be your exercise buddy. If you both enjoy working out, make a date at the gym or engage in a sport together. Badminton, tennis, futsal, volleyball, swimming, running, martial arts — the list is endless. The best thing is, you’ll both get fit too!

4. Library Date

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It’s time to bring the library date back in vogue! If you both share a love for reading, then dating at the library or bookstore is the perfect thing for you. Besides browsing, reading and breathing in the smell of books, you can also whisper sweet nothings to each other in the quiet zone.

5. Artsy Date

Spend a day together appreciating the arts. Pay a visit to the art museum, view a cultural exhibition or watch a theatre show to appreciate the colourful expressions of the artists. Besides dating, you will also be supporting the local arts industry.

6. Walking Date

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Get out and get moving through walking or hiking. Book a walking tour around the city or hike up a trail. Maybe even walk your dogs together! Bring a water bottle and wear suitable shoes for this date, as you’ll be sure to increase your pedometer count.

7. Adventure Date

Bring out the adventurous side in each other by having a date in the extreme park, virtual reality game or escape room. Test out your date’s reaction to different challenges – it’s hard to disguise our fears or phobias on this type of date.

8. Photography Date

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If you both love taking photos, why not spend a day out with your DSLR camera and practice with each other? Not only will you learn some new photography techniques and angles, you’ll get lots of memories to look back on later.

9. Volunteering Date

If doing good is your thing, then arrange for a volunteering date together. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, sort materials for recycling or plant a community garden. This way, not only will you do good, but you’ll also earn brownie points in the eyes of your date!

10. Festival Date

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Take it to the next level by attending a festival or concert together. Depending on your interests, explore food festivals, music festivals or even fitness festivals. Here, you will then know if he/she is as passionate about it as they say they are.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun on your dates!

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