Six Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas

Counting the calorie is the way to go for a healthy diet and helps in keeping your weight in check. Consuming less calorie is okay if you’re leading a passive life like working at the office and doing less physical activities.

According to NHS.UK, a man needs 10,500kJ / 2,500kcal  per day while a woman needs 8,400kJ / 2,000kcal a day. However, these figures do not only vary according to gender but vary according to the age, metabolism rate and levels of physical activity too.

Know how many calories you’re allowed to consume per day with various online calorie calculator, and plan your diet from there. Discover six low-calorie breakfast ideas which helps in reducing your calorie intake and make you lose weight!

1. Overnight Oats


A simple and on the go selection for breakfast, overnight oats can be prepared the night before, as the name implied. The meal consists of oat, mixed with your choice of fruits and crushed nuts and soaked with either milk or yogurt. Being left overnight, the oat soaked in milk would be ready to eat, and result in a scrumptious and delicious taste.

Commonly known for being low in calorie and high in fiber, oat is a healthy choice for breakfast, but the taste would be a bit bland if being eaten alone. Hence, use your creativity and combine the healthy and nutritious oat with your choice of fruits and nuts to add more fun and temptation.

According to , a cup of breakfast overnight oats contains only 301 calories.

2. Avocado and Egg Toast


Avocado is a well known super food that is highly nutritious and very low in carbs. For an easy breakfast idea, the Avocado on toast, combine with hard boiled egg is not only healthy, but very delicious too. The rich taste of avocado blend together with egg and the crispy toast is totally yummy. The meal is also a perfect combination of nutrients as it consist of carbs and protein as well as fiber, vitamins and minerals from the Avocado.

According to myfitnesspal ,  one serving of Avocado and Egg Toast has around 298 calories.

3. Omelette


This breakfast selection is guaranteed to be carbs free. Rich in protein and nutrients, an omelette can be a delicious breakfast and kick start a good day ahead. Add in some extra ingredients to your omelette to make it more tempting like onions, tomato, spinach or cheese.

Eggs contains Selenium, Vitamins and Minerals along with a good amount of protein, which furnish you with the best nutrients and keep you full too.

According to myfitnesspal, one serving of plain omelette has 93 calories.

4. Greek Yogurt Fruit Salad 


Greek Yogurt mix with healthy and nutrition packed fruits is definitely a healthy breakfast. This simple breakfast meal can be prepared earlier and is an ideal choice for those who are always on the go. Choose your favorite selections of fruits to top the Greek Yogurt and add crushed nuts or Chia Seeds to make it more yummy.

Greek Yogurt makes a perfect start of the day as it is super healthy for the tummy. Yogurt contains protein and probiotics that aids bowel movement and good for the digestive system.

According to myfitnesspal, one serving of Greek Yogurt Fruit Salad has 264 calories.

5. Banana Pancake 


Delicious sweet Banana Pancake makes a great and healthy breakfast. The natural sweetness from the Banana makes the pancake not only healthy and low in calorie, but super tasty too! Avoid putting in sugar or other artificial flavors to avoid making your pancake unhealthy.

Banana is loaded with a good amount of fiber, which is perfect in making you fuller for longer and aids digestion. So if you’re bored in eating your Banana raw, this Banana Pancake is the perfect breakfast meal choice.

According to myfitnesspal, one piece of Banana Pancake has 130 calories.

6. Sandwich


Sandwich is a popular breakfast meal as it is easy and provides the best convenience. You can add your choice of fillings, be it Tuna, Chicken or Ham Slice combine with the best selection of veggies. To cut down the calorie in your sandwich, avoid putting in dressings as it is super high in calorie and very unhealthy too.

According to myfitnesspal, one serving of Tuna Sandwich has 306 calories.


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