How to Find Your Life Partner When You Go Travel

What to do when you’re single and all your friends are busy with their significant other? That’s right, you can go travel around the globe and experience amazing things the world can offer.


But do you know that you can find your perfect life partner while you travel? Yes it is possible to find someone that you would want to share your whole life with while you go travel. Who knows the one true love you’ve been looking around is actually living half the globe away from you.


So then, how do you really find true love when travelling? Here’s few travelling tips you can do that makes you meet new people and perhaps find your eternity life partner!

 Group Tour

A lot of famous tourist city around the globe offers group tour, where a group of tourist would be going to interesting places around the city accompanied by a tour guide. Some of you might think that a guided tour would be a waste of time as self exploration is easier, but joining a tour group allows you to meet new people. You would not only get to explore new places, but you get to know a lot of new people too! Try making friends with some that you find comfortable with, and who knows there’s a spark that can kick start something romantic.


Local Festivals or Events 

Find out interesting events going on and join. Be it a local festival like the Bangkok’s Songkran Festival or a fun get together celebration event like the ‘Color Run Marathon’. Travelling alone does not mean you have to spend the entire time by yourself. Mix around with other tourists and the locals, and try your chance in making new friends. Travel and explore like a local!

Photo: (Holika Dahan festival in Pakistan) 

Cultural / Art Classes 

Many museums or local cultural centers offer a one time session classes for tourists to try and explore local arts and culture. This is a great way to not only learn new things, but to meet new people too!

You can find information on such classes online or at the local museums and art centers. Choose things that you find interesting and who knows you would find someone that shares the same interest with you.


Local Music Festivals and Concerts

Music brings people together, and going to a local music festival or a concert can be a great place for you to meet people. Again, information on such events can be obtained beforehand and you can plan the whole trip just for the music festival or a concert. Pick the music genre or band that you like, and you’ll find people that have the common interest as you have.


Food Glorious Food 

Another way of bringing strangers together is through delicious local delicacies. Its true, food do bring people together. You can explore a place by trying their local delicacies. Food hunting like a local and you might bump with another lone traveler looking for local delicious food too!

Even more interesting, look up for annual food festivals happening around the world and schedule a trip for the event. Sharing the same passion for food can bring two hearts together!



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